Byron bay beachlife…


Just been chillin’ in paradise for the last couple of days…





I’ve been laying on the beach in Byron, looking at all of this.. ..and the photos don’t even come close to showing you how beautiful it really is here.





There are some real “characters” here in Byron..


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We’re leaving the hostel in the morning, boarding the house boat..

We’re spending the next 4 days on board the boat on the Tweed river.

It’s been a fantastic trip to Byron so far and living on a boat with a dozen other wonderful people is going to be such good fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m now laying in bed, in a teepee, in a hostel community for the last time tonight. It’s been a really good experience staying here, I’ve met some really cool people and had a lot of laughs.
I’ve found there’s a really nice atmosphere and a commeradary amongst travellers. There’s a genuine openness, that everybody’s approachable and happy to approach you. Everybody has a different story to tell. There’s so many walks of life all crossing paths at the same time, It’s amazing to be around.

I’m so pleased I stayed here and experienced hostel life.
The things I’ve seen, heard and the people I’ve met. Priceless!

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Stay tuned for the next post


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