Welcome to my Travel Journal.


I’ve always had a desire to travel, to experience the beauty and diversity of our incredible planet, to interact with the local people and imbibe the different cultures and traditions around the world.

Up until now I’d always found a reason or an excuse not to, telling myself, “it’d be to expensive” or “i couldn’t travel on my own, not without a friend”.

I’ve watched friends and family members settle down, marry and begin their own families. As a single guy in his 30’s, I’ve evaluated my life and realised, I haven’t been anywhere or experienced many of the things I’d have liked to.

No more excuses! Time for a change….

I now find myself at the beginning of an adventure…          …An adventure In Australia!

Staying on a 12 month Working Holiday Visa and Backpacking my way up the East Coast. I’ll see the sights of Sydney Harbour, the Great Barrier reef and of course the iconic Ayers Rock! Not to mention the weird and wonderful world I’ll encounter along the way.

Regularly blogging, I’ll take friends, family and any readers of my blog on my journey. I’ll share my experiences, photos and stories, possibly educate and maybe even inspire others to get out there and travel too.


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See ya’ll on the other side……


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